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About TimeBoxer

We all have todo lists of one form or another.   Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by our lists and have a hard time making progress against them.   One technique that helps many people is timeboxing.   With this technique, you take your todo list and assign a specific amount of time for each item.  Somehow, just adding the time element does the trick to get a person motivated- what was once a scary pile of stuff to get done is now manageable and easy! 

TimeBoxer is an application that makes timeboxing extremely simple.  Just put your todo list into the application, click “generate” to make a list of progress bars, then click the play button when you are ready to get started.    Timeboxer will generate the times for you (which you can edit) and will keep track of your time.  When a task is almost done, it will play a little alarm to help you transition to the next task.  It’s simple and fun!

I wrote timeboxer for myself and I use it every day because it works.  I even use it to help me put more features in TimeBoxer!   I hope that this program also makes you more productive.

Tips for Using TimeBoxer

Break it up!   Lots of times, we’ll write down a huge monster task like “Clean the Office” and it is just too big to get started.   It really helps to break down a task into smaller bits.  These small bits work really well in TimeBoxer.  For instance, “Clean the Office” Could become:

-      Straighten bookshelf

-      Dust off surfaces

-      File Papers

-      Take out trash

With smaller tasks like this, it is easy to get started and easy to predict if they will fit in the small time block that TimeBoxer gives it.

Use Buffer Tasks.  Unexpected things always crop up in the day.  To help me with this, I like to sprinkle in “buffer” tasks to my todo list.  These tasks are meaningful, but only take a few moments.  These could be “Take a short walk”, “stand up for a few minutes”, “Write a thank you note”, “write an appreciative thought”.    With buffer tasks, I get the double reward of doing something good AND getting some time back when a task goes awry.

Use the Pause Button.  Once in a while, things get crazy, or you Aunt Mable calls out of the blue, throwing off your schedule.  That’s why I added the pause button.  It’s not cheating to use it.  Relax and press the pause button once in a while.  It’s OK!  

Incremental Timeboxing is motivational. Some people find that gradually increasing (or gradually decreasing) times for todo tasks is a great way to get motivated.   TimeBoxer starts out with support for incremental timeboxing, because I find it so useful.   I like to start out with really short task times, because it feels good to start the day by getting a few little tasks out of the way.   I specifically pick a few tasks that are short and sweet just for this purpose. 

What's new


  • Added high score list


  • Added some controls to customize the UI so that the display can be more compact
  • Added a "tripomenter" with a clear button
  • Added a Scoring multiplier- +1 for finishing tasks early
  • General reorganization and cleanup of the UI


  • Added estimated start time for each task
  • Added a visual cue when paused
  • Added a Taskometer
  • Added a tutorial (Only shows up for first time users. If you want to see it, click on “clear”, then close the window and open it up again in a new browser.)
  • Fixed Bug: Both sounds play when timeout is reached
  • Fixed Bug: Overall ETA was getting way off on long task lists


  • Added more sounds and sound settings
  • Big progress bar to show overall progress
  • Added a "clear" button
  • Several minor bug fixes and tweaks around usability


  • Generate preserves item state, so you can now insert items on the fly
  • Fixed bugs in time status. Now shows both original ETA and current ETA
  • Added help
  • UI Improvements to color, sound, and usability


  • Improved sound effects. Almost done has been changed to a chime that rings more and more frequently. Finishing early is a different sound from a task expiring
  • User can edit the time on a particular task
  • Fixed a bug where time doesn’t pass when computer is asleep (I think- I could not get this bug to repro, but I changed the way the time increment code works, so I think this should always work now.)
  • Added configurable color themes (part of the new “settings” tab)
  • Improved the appearance of the progress bar. It now shows how much time you “won” by finishing early, and does a fun little animation when you click the X.
  • Saves state so that if you close the web browser, it will come back to where you left off.
  • Minor cosmetic changes